Photo taken July 8, 2018
Photo taken July 8, 2018

"The space between us"

While photographing this turtle from the bank of a lake, a heron landed on the other side of the cove I was in. I then changed my composition, trying to include both the turtle and heron in the same shot. I quickly realized there was too much distance between the two to capture both as equal subjects. So, I used a telephoto to help compress the scene, but there wasn't enough room behind me to make use of the full 400mm’s I had at hand. So I zoomed out until I got the scene I thought would work. Just one more hurtle, focus and depth of field. After taking several test shots, and thankful both subjects were patiently waiting (clearly professional models), I ended up having to take 2 shots, one focused on the turtle and the other on the heron. With the help of focus stacking I was able to end up with a decent photograph. Hope you like it.

Early morning flight

Come on, just say it


Canada Goose
Skyway Robbery
Witnessed Lazy E, one of the local eagles chasing down an Osprey and taking his catch away from him in mid air. Guess there are thugs in every species.
Betty, ready for winter
Great Blue Heron
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