Shoreline Discoveries

So many great sceens go on unnoticed due to our preoccupation with the bigger picture. We tend to focus on the long view or the elusive wild life around us. It was in times of disappointment, after spending much time looking for the right land scape composition or waiting the arial of an Osprey or Green Heron that never shows up, that gave me the time to finally notice the beauty right under my nose. This is a collection of photos I have been collecting, a discovery in the great are of life right along our watered shores. Hope you enjoy them.

Color under foot

Don't discount disappointment. Took a trip to a place that my wife and I go to photograph Herons and Osprey, and have always been amazed at the large populations of these birds there. But this weekend,,,,,,,, nothin! So, while standing around bored and disappointed, I did what I always do, look under my feet. I am always amazed at the beauty we all to often overlook so close to us. 

Monsters under the grass:

Taken along the shores of Lake Campion


Dragonfly II

Dragonfly In Flight

Fishing Line

At Rest

A splash of color

Dinner on the lake:    Leftovers on an old tree stump in the lake, left by an Otter.
Brittle on ice
Gold In Blue
Under Canopy  
Leaf In Water
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